WTAC 2019 Class Winner Interview

Saturday @ #WTAC2019 did not fail to deliver on what I had been hanging to experience again after last year’s event. The crowds were amazing, the line up into the event gates were back along Ferrers Road for a few kms. I came in the back way, as a competitor member of the ARDC it was quick enough to enter the site and park up as close to the action as possible. The car park alone was a great mix of cars, just like the people who attend this event – street highly modified, drift enthusiasts, performance, family cars – this is truly an event that brings a diverse group of people.

Having been to WTAC for the last 3 years (yes, I’m a ‘newbie’ really to the event), I’ve started to have a few local (AUS) teams whose journey I am following.
After waiting 12 months for Team Xtreme to have another crack at the Open Class, after a fire last year – it was great to see their efforts (and they did have a diff fail at the event this year) gained them the #1 podium in their class.

Watching the Drift cars explode onto the entire track in the daytime for a demo session, they didn’t hold back and the smoke from the burning rubber brought back my days as a kid doing ‘skids’ in the back streets. (I’m a relic so whilst it was illegal then too, the ‘authorities’ kind of turned a blind eye for the most part). The power, the set ups of these drifting teams was extensive. It was impressive walking through their makeshift ‘carports’ out on the skidpan area. Shame I didn’t have more time to chat with some of them – but will next year.

The show n shine area was fantastic, so many different cars, so many different tastes in modifications to straight up stock in pristine condition. Was a bit hard to get decent photos as everyone was admiring the workmanship of many cars (plus to be fair I was only using my phone…so didn’t look too professional..lol)

Exhibitors had a strong presence, including the much talked about DriftVan #69 (I had to laugh at the number, childish perhaps but seemed appropriate given when I managed to speak to Geoff Fear (the steerer) it became apparent that the entire project was all about having a fun time. Other exhibitors have been around for ages, but some of the kit up for sale made me look twice (I swear that some of the shifters/gear knobs looked suspiciously like something else – I just had to take a photo 😊 ). My big disappointment was not seeing the Brabham – all that was in the marquee when I got there were some Ferraris and a big ‘gap’ where the Brabham should have been ☹ Meant to get back to see it, never did as there was too much else to see.

The event was well set up again with plenty of food, beverage vendors, parking, and VIP experience tickets. I spoke to some great friends who gave VIP a try this year and they were happy to have spent the extra $ to park right up near the pits in a designated spot, have food and beverages flowing all day plus access to the big screen from their corporate box, to internal screen inside.

As the afternoon wore on, the weather started to turn and the wind whipped up causing some concern in the pit lane, and was a hassle for patrons and people who had set up marquees. My day had to come to an end early, but after spending 8hrs at the track enjoying the atmosphere and missing out on the evening Drifting (dammit!!) I’ll be back again next year.

Would I recommend WTAC to people – car enthusiasts absolutely. Non car enthusiasts – absolutely 😊


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